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Top Companies That Provide Employees With Full Dental Coverage

Top Companies That Provide Employees With Full Dental Coverage Dental Insurance

Employee benefits in companies have evolved over time. Nowadays companies are keen on keeping their employees satisfied and a great way to have satisfied employees is when the company provides good medical and dental insurance plans. It is very important and plays a key factor in assuring job satisfaction for the employee. Realistically speaking there are some companies that take their employee’s satisfaction to heart by paying 100% of their health care plan that also includes dental care and in some cases vision care as well. Scroll down to take a look at the companies that offer full health and dental coverage in order to keep their employees happy:

  • Arthrex: This is a company that designs and manufactures orthopedic surgical devices. They offer their employees 100% coverage and their spouses/dependents 50% coverage. Although located in many parts of the US, Arthrex is mostly located in Florida and they also offer their part-time employees medical and dental coverage.
  • Bill and Melina Gates Foundation: The aim of the foundation is to reduce poverty and to improve global healthcare. Hence their employees, their spouses, and dependents enjoy the incentive of medical, dental and vision care. The premiums are taken care of and paid in full by the foundation.
  • Boston Consulting Group: The Boston group provides management consulting services for private, public and non-profit organizations. They pay 100% of employee and spouse health and dental premiums. As long as part-timers clock in 20 hours, they are also offered benefits.
  • Haver and Boecker: This company manufactures technology for processing, storing, handling, mixing, packing and loading dry and liquid products. They offer 100% medical, dental and vision care for their employees. Spouses and dependents are covered at a lower rate.
  • Jiff: Jiff offers an enterprise health platform that enables employees to reduce health care spending by offering more benefits. Jiff pays 100% health and dental premiums for full-time employees and their spouses and dependents as well.
  • Pacific Air Systems: Pacific provides residential heating and air supply. They offer 100% medical and dental employees and spouse coverage.

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