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When Should I Not Use A Credit Card

Credit card companies offer users the benefit of making purchases while actually paying for them later. However, while the offers made by credit card companies might actually sound very appealing, you must be aware that credit cards have their stated...
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Hard And Soft Inquiries That You Need To Know On Credit

There are three major American companies that maintain a detailed report of your credit standing and repayment history. This data can be requested for by banks, money lenders, credit card companies, employers and so on. Let us take a look at when har...
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Securing The Best Business Loan Through Loan Quote Analysis

Getting a business loan for redevelopment for an existing business or for kick-starting a new one, choosing the right loan is essential to avoid losing excess rates under interest. The process of getting a business loan is also tedious and time-consu...
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All That You Need To Know About Continental Life Medicare Insurance Supplement

Providing supremely gratifying customer service and unmatched claims payment, the Continental Life Insurance Company (now a part of Aetna Inc.), founded in 1983 in Brentwood, Tennessee, has been offering Continental Life Medicare Insurance Supplement...
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Best Choice Profiles That Benefit From Travel Credit Cards offered By Delta

Delta offers businesses options of three different types of credit cards which have incentives and rewards attached to the use of Delta Airlines. The major trade-off that companies face while picking a Delta credit card would be flexibility as these ...
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Alternative Loan Solutions For Small Businesses With Bad Credit Ratings

A common misconception is that business loans are almost impossible to secure when your business's financial statement projects a bad credit history. While the process may be rigorous there are other forms of loans that are provided by lenders under ...
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Understanding Certificate Of Deposit Better

If you are confused between CDs and Money Market then there are few factors to consider : Time of Deposit: This is about planning your need for part or full cash requirements. Since there is no liquidity in CDs, one must plan about the length of...
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All You Need To Know About UnitedHealthcare And The Dispute With Premier Health Network

There are 7 different UnitedHealth Medicare Supplemental Plans, each offering full coverage of the basic benefits in addition to certain extra coverage. The availability of these depends on the senior insured person’s place of residence. UnitedH...