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Understanding Short Term Loans With No Credit Checks

Understanding Short Term Loans With No Credit Checks Credit Check

Unforeseen vehicle repairs or medical expenses are bound to happen just when your savings have hit rock bottom and when there are no more sources of loans available. Or so you thought. Short term loans with no credit checks provide instant cash. If you have a low credit score, when getting loans from most lenders is next to impossible, a loan with no credit check is a boon.

Before lenders provide money to borrowers, they perform credit checks, which in fact further lowers the credit ratings of the borrower. But lenders who provide short-term loans with no credit check only perform a soft credit check, and this has no impact on the borrower’s credit score. But when only the ability to repay the loan in full, within the agreed period, is the criteria for a short-term loan with no credit checks, then it becomes the only solution for someone in urgent need of money. Safe, secure and most convenient, short-term loans with no credit checks come with quick approvals where the borrower is asked to submit a simple application online. Upon checking eligibility, lenders discuss the loan terms and after approval, the loan money is transferred directly to the borrower’s bank account.

Like with all things that appear simple, short-term loans with no credit checks need to be dealt with care. These instant loans come with two major disadvantages: a very short term of between two and four weeks and, astronomically high rates of interest. This would ultimately lead the borrower into a cycle of debt. But there are lenders who offer short-term loans with no credit checks after obtaining proof of regular employment from the borrower for at least two months, a proof of their valid bank account with a 90-day history, and a soft credit check. Further, repayment can be done in one installment, or in multiple regular installments after getting approved for an extended repayment schedule. While initial loan amounts could be lesser, after the first successful repayment of the loan, further loans are granted for larger amounts.


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