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Step By Step Guide To Compare Health Insurance Plans

Step By Step Guide To Compare Health Insurance Plans Finance

Choosing the right insurance plan can seem like an insurmountable task, considering the endless options available in the marketplace. Most people obtain a health insurance from their place of work wherein the employer pays a portion towards the worker’s premiums. This makes it inexpensive for individuals as marketplace insurance plans can have very high monthly premiums. If your employer does not provide health insurance, you can purchase it from your state’s Affordable Care Act marketplace or the federal marketplace. Another option is for you buy health insurance plans from private insurance companies.

Here is a step-by-step guide to compare health insurance plans.

Step 1: Compare types of health insurance plans

Each health insurance plan comes with different benefits, out-of-pocket costs, doctors you can visit and hospitals you can go to. The wise thing to do is look for the summary of benefits as well as the directory listing the doctors, clinics, and hospitals falling under the purview of the plan. It is extremely important that you take into consideration, your family’s medical needs when comparing plans. Analyse how much you have spent on treatments and other health care services in the past and choose one accordingly.

Step 2: Compare out-of-pocket costs

It’s extremely vital that you compare the amount of money you will have to pay from your pocket for healthcare services. The out-of-pocket costs are limited each year and all the health insurance policies list the maximum limit in the plans. Most often, out-of-pocket costs are higher on health insurance plans that have lower premiums. It is best advised that you choose an insurance policy with a low out-of-pocket cost, even if it means paying a higher premium.

Step 3: Compare networks

Choose plans that have local in-network doctors or those that have wide provider options. This is especially useful when living in rural areas or in the countryside, as there are chances that your local doctor is a part of the plan. If you have specific doctors in mind, make sure you check the provider directory of the plan.


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