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Best Available Software For Portfolio Tracking

Best Available Software For Portfolio Tracking Finance

The organization is extremely important when it comes to financial matters such as investments and portfolio management. It is absolutely necessary for investors to keep track of their individual stocks, exchange, and mutual traded funds. Being involved in financial investments requires you to constantly examine investment returns, fees, asset locations, retirement plans along with many other factors included in the procedure. This assessment can be done with the help of an excel sheet too. However, the job becomes extremely easier when a software is used. This software is available for free, at a onetime charge or at a continuous charge monthly. The following are the best available software for the sake of portfolio tracking:

Personal Capital:

Personal Capital comes with a wide variety of features and is one of the best free software for investment and portfolio management. The set-up procedure takes very little time and brings the investor a personalized dashboard after syncing in all the personal accounts. It gives an all-round perception of your investments and other important money details by taking your credit card, bank and investment accounts into consideration. This software helps you analyze the income and expense cash flows, net worth calculation, reviews asset allocation along with many other functions.

Wise Banyan:

This software is free and comes with paid add-on options. This software is extremely useful for beginners who want to start investing as soon as possible. It provides its clients with a wide range of investment portfolios to suit the needs and helps meet the required financial goals. The free software of Wise Banyan offers wide ranges of services some of which are investment management, dividend reinvestment, portfolio rebalancing, trades etc.


This software is one of the most popular and free money and investment management web-based software available. The software gives a financial picture in a very less time through quick linking of all your accounts, just like Personal Capital. All the financial accounts like credit, investment, banking, and retirement are continuously tracked by this software.


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