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What Is Financial Management

What Is Financial Management Finance

The entire gamut of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the monetary operations of any establishment is financial management.

Irrespective of whether the liability is for a minuscule business, one subsidiary of a large corporation or the whole conglomerate itself, the process of handling finance is the same. There could be variations in the methods and magnitude of acquiring and utilization of funds certainly, but the importance of skilled financial management is unquestionable.

Checking cash flow of both receipts and expenditure, forecasting the movement of money to observe whether there will be shortage or surplus and plan accordingly for loans or investments as the case may be, insuring against risky negotiations and lawsuits, commanding hedge funds to reduce the risk of losing money on shares, bonds, etc. that the company may own, limiting the consequences of risks arising from disasters caused by products or processes of an industry, establishing and updating accounting systems for international business dealings, restraining damages caused by competitors or natural phenomenon, cashing in on profitable purchase or sale of fiscal products for the company, fixing the quota of dividend sharing with shareholders, designing the growth and diversification programs that is best suited for the business, are just a handful of the infinite functions of financial management.

Knowledge about special State and Federal laws and regulations, and also of International procedures and operations that influence and have a direct or indirect impact on the company, admirable interpersonal and analytical skills and aptitude for clear communication to deal with diverse people and to work as a team with other departments of the firm, and a basic understanding of what the higher authorities expect from a financial manager is an absolute necessity, a pre-condition to apply for this job.

Visionary thinkers who have the same goals for the financial resources of the enterprise as its proprietors, and who have an eagerness and passion to promote and develop the business in the currently prevalent global economy are qualified of being an asset themselves to any business house.

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