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What Exactly Is Mining Investment Funds

What Exactly Is Mining Investment Funds Finance

Many options of investments are available for growth investors interested in building a portfolio that would consist of components such as gold, silver or other materials that form the sector of metals and mining. One such option of investment among many others is mutual funds. Mutual funds that majorly focus on precious metals are usually made up of mining stocks. However, some mutual funds are also seen to contain actual holdings of gold or silver bullions. The mining stocks which are chosen the most number of times come majorly from gold mining companies. There are good chances that this fund may also be holding a decent amount of equity holdings in silver mining, along with copper mining and in those of base metals such as nickel and zinc. Some of the top options available for investing in this sector are as follows:

The Tocqueville Gold Fund (TGLDX) is known for having the largest part of its holding (9%) in the form of physical gold. The remaining part of this company’s portfolio is distributed among other popular companies of mining, but majorly amongst Ivanhoe mines, Iamgold and Randgold resources.

With an expense ratio of about half of Tocqueville’s, a major part of the holdings of Fidelity Select Gold Fund (FSAGX) are found in various companies that are highly involved in gold mining, gold coins, and gold bullion. The primary holdings of this company are seen to be in Goldcorp, Eldorado Gold, and Newcrest Mining.

U.S. Global Investors Gold and Precious Metals Fund (USERX) is known to offer a portfolio that is constructed of broad-based precious metals. While the company’s major focus is on gold, it should be noted that more than 10% of its holdings are found to be in platinum and silver companies. The major holdings of USERX consist of Royal Gold, Klondex Mines, and ETFS Physical Platinum. The expense ratio charges by USERX is 1.54% and a 0.5% short-term trading fee is charged in order to hold shares for a period of less than 10 months.

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