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What Exactly Is Challenge Coins

What Exactly Is Challenge Coins Finance

The Marines possess a long, rich and beautiful history in America. They stand to be one of the most recognized armed forces in the entire world. They date back to a time so long ago that even the hymn of the Marine Corps is the oldest compared to any other branch of the military. Given the rich history of the Marine Corps, it is not very surprising that they have innumerable beautiful traditions out of which Marine Challenge coins are among the most coveted and respected.

The history of the challenge coins dates back to World War I. The story starts when a wealthy lieutenant in the United States Army Air Corps which was the predecessor of the Air Force gave the men in his unit one bronze medallion each. One of these pilots happened to wear his medallion secured in a leather pouch around his neck. However, one fine day there happened to be an emergency landing of this pilot’s aircraft right behind the enemy lines where he got captured by the Germans and his personal identification was confiscated. He somehow managed to escape the Germans by portraying a civilian attire but then later got caught by the French and presented the coin to prove his allegiance which saved his life.

The popularity and fame of these challenge coins have increased greatly since that day. It has become more than just a mark of representation for military personnel and is very actively traded among retired, active-duty, and civilian personnel without government agencies. Throughout the career of armed services, one would receive multiple challenge coins at various milestones. These coins are also exchanged at various other occasions with varying significance. Given this increase in demand and popularity of these challenge coins, the companies to supply and produce these coins are also increasing. These companies are capable of pitching their ideas in a better manner by combining their plans of execution, the supposed perfection involved in it, with the customers’ sentiments thereby marketing it better and making it a new possibility for investors to look at.


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