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Top 4 Eye Insurance Companies You Should Resort To For Eye Care

Top 4 Eye Insurance Companies You Should Resort To For Eye Care Finance

According to a popular survey, almost 14% of Americans suffer a problem with their eyes. Of this lot, around 80% are cured with refractive correction procedure. While finalizing the insurance plan, there is a general tendency to ignore eye care. Also, several insurance companies may not even include eye care as part of their insurance scheme, and it is quite easy for a layman to overlook such aspects. Here is a list of vision insurance companies that you should consider for eye insurance:

VSP Direct

This is the most famous and acclaimed company for eye care and this fact is pretty much vouched by over 36,000 vision care providers. This is available through employer benefit packages predominantly. Their standard eye care coverage includes a regular plan for eye care needs such as an annual eye checkup or purchase of new contact lenses. You can get prescription eyeglasses every 12 months. This also offers an allowance for Lasik procedures. It is also worthy to note that Lasik is one of the most popular procedures across the Country and has been yielding desired results (largely).


This company does not have a system of monthly premiums. Instead, it works on yearly payments or such payments paid through a few installments. Some customers have even purchased 1-3 years of the insurance package. Membership in this company could get the insurance holder attractive discounts on eye checkups and purchase of eyeglasses. The Lasik discount can go up to 50% depending on the provider. The company also operated in more than 12,000 locations with many situated in prime areas.

Vision Plan of America

This 1986 company is based in California. It offers flat and basic rate coverage. It offers additional lens options if you purchase eyeglasses from them. Rates of this company are quite reasonable but you will get only one eye care provider with this plan.


If you are a policyholder, you will get discounts on eyewear. Rates of eye exams, yearly checkups, eye frame replacements, premiums will be reduced. The Vision Focus plan of Humana, however, charges a one-time enrollment fee.


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