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Three Best Identity Theft Insurance For You

Three Best Identity Theft Insurance For You Finance

The insurance for identity theft is provided by most of the major ID protection services. However, what the policy would cover would most definitely differ from one company to another. Most of the times, the costs associated with reclaiming your identity and legal fees are covered. Some of the other costs that are usually covered would be the coverage for lost wages because of the time is taken off from work in order to deal with the identity fraud situation etc. However, the amount of coverage that would be provided is up to the company’s discretion. Some identity theft insurance providers might also offer to pay for child and elder care. However, it is absolutely important to pay special attention to what the identity theft insurance covers exactly in order to not fall into further trouble when you’re already facing charges and are a victim. Here are some of the best identity theft insurance companies available in the market:

  • LifeLock: This company provides more than just the coverage of the legal fees associated with reclamation of your identity. They also pay for the wages which would be lost if you would have to deal with an identity fraud issue and they also cover any travel expenses that you would incur in the process. They also cover child and elderly care up to $200 per day.
  • Privacy Guard: This company is known for offering up to $1 million in coverage without one having to pay anything in deductible. This coverage includes the costs of notary fees, legal fees, any phone and mailing fees which would be related to one’s attempts of reclaiming their identities. The company also pays one up to about $1,500 per week in order to minimize any of your wages lost.
  • ID Patrol: This company has very similar policies to that of Privacy Guard. It covers the costs for legal fees and notary fees. Any cost that would be associated with reapplication of loans lost due to identity fraud will also be covered.

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