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MarketPlace On A Mission To Educate

MarketPlace On A Mission To Educate Business Insurance

MarketPlace is an organization that strives to improve the economic intelligence of people. It is a radio program educating the public on business, economy, and events that influence them. Their podcasts are aired on more than 800 radio stations nationwide with 14.6 million listeners per week every week. MarketPlace also has an app where you can listen to their podcasts.

MarketPlace is promoted and distributed by American Public Media(APM), the country’s largest radio with a station base. It is run through donations from listeners and readers, along with advertisement from sponsors. Sponsoring marketplace has seen the community involved upscale and educated audience to view the companies as more reliable.

It has been estimated that over 70% of the listeners think that sponsoring Marketplace is a sign of credibility for the organization. In addition, over 60% would like to do business with the sponsors. Marketplace is the winner of several awards including Emmy, Edward R. Murrow Prize. It reaches an affluent audience with an average income of $101,000. It is also estimated that the quarter of the U.S. population listens at least once a month.

In the last year, the podcast audience grew by 16% satisfying the appetite of the Americans need for news. However, with the Trump’s administration proposal of reducing TV and Radio funding, MarketPlace could be one of the major losers and so are the 14+ million people who listen to them.

The annual revenue of MarketPlace is at $18 million dollars. About 25% of the money is due to the carriage fees paid by the radio stations that air their program and two-thirds from corporate sponsors.

MarketPlace is in pole position to capitalize on the trend of people thirst for economic knowledge. Although major listeners are from radio, the company has plans to expand into other digital sources which would increase listeners. With their expertise in audio presentation and storytelling along with high production value, MarketPlace is estimated to greater heights to educate people on economics and business. However, it would also depend on Trump’s administration policy on Radio and TV funding.

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