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Find the Best Aetna Medicare Plans

Find the Best Aetna Medicare Plans Finance

Selling traditional and consumer-directed health care insurance plans and other related services like pharmaceutical, dental, long-term care, disability plans etc, Aetna is an American, privately managed healthcare company that is committed to supporting a healthier society. An agreement with Medicare provides benefits to beneficiaries under the many Aetna Medicare Plans are such as Medicare Advantage Plans, Aetna Medicare Plans Part D and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (Medigap).

Aetna Medicare Plans Part D coverage can be obtained as a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, a supplement to the Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) benefits, or it can be covered in the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan/ Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan that covers all Medicare benefits under one plan.

Depending on the coverage, on whether you are going for an employer/retiree plan or a plan you purchased yourself, there are Aetna Medicare Pharmacy Plans that let you buy generic and branded medicines at lower costs in their ‘tiered’ formulary. Drugs covered in the Aetna Medicare Pharmacy Plan belong to the plan’s drug formulary that details which drugs and how much is exactly covered. The Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan D formulary is subject to change based on location and plan type. A copayment or coinsurance for prescription drugs may require payment. And, some Aetna Medicare plans that include prescription drug coverage necessitates the need to purchase medications through pharmacies mentioned in the network.

The Aetna Medicare Rx Select (PDP) for Sonoma County, California has a monthly premium of $19.70, an annual deductible of $405 that excludes Tier 1 and 2, and does not qualify for the $0 Premium. It has an annual Initial Coverage Limit of $3,750 and Gap Coverage and the total number of Formulary Drugs are 5,218. Though the Aetna Medicare plans are allowed to change their formularies, that notifications in writing must be sent before effecting the changes is a rule. If any medication that is covered is removed from the Medicare Supplement Plan D formulary, a one-time 60-day supply of that medication under the same terms must be provided.


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