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How To Be Sure You Are Getting A Good Deal On Annuity

How To Be Sure You Are Getting A Good Deal On Annuity Financial Services

Annuity Rates: How To Be Sure You’re Getting A Good Deal

Annuity deals are very simple. You hand over some amount to a dealer or an insurer who will then guarantee a monthly income for as long as you live. There is an option to select the “joint-and-survivor” option so that your spouse will get the checks even after you. But it is necessary to know a few tips when you sign up for such a deal, to ensure that you get good annuity rates for 2017.

Keep a lot of options:

Ensure that you get a lot of quotes and speak to many annuity agents depending upon different factors like their interest rates available, options available for insurance rates, the tenure of the plan and the flexibility. Usually, different dealers have a different rate when you are investing different amounts of money, so hire the one that will ensure you’re investing in such a manner to get the most monthly income for your money and time for that best-fixed annuity rate.


Diversifying is an option to buy stocks and bonds in some different companies and people. By investing the money in different bonds or with many dealers, we can ensure that the money will not be dependent on a single company in case the company goes down. By carrying out an annuity rate comparison of two or more companies to invest in such a way that the overall deal you get will result in higher insurance rates and high monthly income for you and your family.

Buy in stages:

No matter the amount you decide to invest in an annuity deal, always do so in stages. Break the total amount that you want to invest accordingly and then, by considering different options, plan on investing them or a part of them every year. Usually, a year is around which the levels of Insurance rates change. Thus, investing a part of the amount this year at lower rates is always better than investing the entire amount at an average annuity rate that is much higher. Hence, staging your money gives you a good deal on the final returns and a sizeable amount of profit.

We hope that these ways will help you get the best annuities for 2017.


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