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Best Aetna Dental Plans To Suit Everybody

Best Aetna Dental Plans To Suit Everybody Dental Insurance

Most people realize the importance of visiting a doctor regularly but what we don’t realize that a healthy mouth can help reduce the risk of developing many medical problems. In order to help you maintain a healthy mouth, Aetna offers affordable dental insurance. The dental plans offered by Aetna come packed with values and extras. Aetna also has a discount dental service plan that it offers to its customers. Their insurance plans help keep costs low, allows members to visit any licensed dentist and also provides tools online in order to enable customers to manage their dental benefits. Aetna offers various types of dental plans. Some of them are as follows:

  • Network Only Plans (DMO): The DMO plans offer dependable coverage that is really easy to use. This plan works to combine the advantages of coordinated care from a dentist along with a broad range of services. DMO is available at a cost lower than the regular PPO plans. Members are free to choose the dentist of their choice from Aetna’s dental network. The copay is fixed in order to keep insurance costs low and is available for customers who are fully insured.
  • Network Option Plans (PPO): You have the choice of seeing any dentist that you want to even if the dentist does not come under the Aetna dental network. But you get better savings when you visit a dentist on the Aetna dental network. You also have the privilege of choosing from self-funded or fully insured options.
  • Dental Indemnity Plans: This plan allows you to choose any dentist without a referral. But with this plan, you need to pay the dentist up front and then get reimbursed for eligible services. Deductibles, coinsurance, and annual plan maximums apply with the Dental Indemnity Plan.
  • Hybrid Plans: Hybrid plans are when the employee gets two plans in one. With the Aetna Dental Freedom of Choice Insurance Plan, the employees can choose between the DMO or PPO plan option. No matter which plan the employee chooses, the company pays a blended rate.
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