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Debt Management Services Offered By Consumer Credit

Debt Management Services Offered By Consumer Credit Finance offers debt management help to scores of Americans through credit counseling, debt management programs, and debt consolidation. They help individuals struggling with debts by steering them on the right path to financial management. They offer them the knowledge required to manage debts more efficiently and reinforce financial stability. They also offer a plethora of debt consolidation options that enable borrowers to pay off their debts faster, save dollars on interest rates and improve their credit score.

Here’s a brief insight into the services that offers.

  • Financial Counseling sessions

The American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) will spend time with you to understand your existing financial situation and offer you a suitable budget and an action plan. Typically, how it works once you enroll in an ACCC program is that, first, a certified counselor will review your incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Second, they offer suggestions and options such as educational materials, social service referrals and a list of ACCC services that will help you with your situation. For a session to be successful, ACCC requests you to carry along your recent bills, bank statements, pay stubs and correspondence with creditors. This will help paint a clear picture of your financial situation which is pertinent for suggesting suitable and impactful solutions.

  • Debt Management Program offers a debt management program that helps borrowers to gain a better control over their finances, creation of a household budget and consolidating their debts. They collaborate with creditors in order to work on the benefits that they offer if you enroll in their debt management plans. Some of the offers that creditors provide, as part of the plan, include lower interest rates and elimination of late and over-limit fees.’s debt management programs can help you with unsecured debts including credit cards, collection loans, department store cards, signature loans, and medical bills. Although ACCC doesn’t charge for a budget counseling session, it charges a one-time fee of $39 to enroll into a debt management program with a monthly maintenance fee ranging between $5 and $35 per account.

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