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All You Need To Know About Appliance Insurance

All You Need To Know About Appliance Insurance Insurance

In today’s day and age, appliances are the most basic need of each household. We have appliances all around our houses which we cannot do without, be it the refrigerator, washing machine, mixer grinder or anything else. All these appliances are used in our daily lives and form a big part of it. Needless to say, it is important to ensure its proper working.

When any of them break down or do not work properly, it interrupts our daily functions and causes unnecessary hindrance. The only options we have are to either get them repaired or to buy a new one, both of which mean big spending! However, there is a third option and that is to get your appliances insured. But are they really effective and do you really need them?

What is appliance insurance?

As the name suggests, appliance insurance is an insurance that covers costs incurred when the insured appliance suffers damage. The home appliance insurance provides cover for a number of appliances including kitchen appliances (white goods) and even audio-visual appliances (brown goods). It provides insurance when you buy an appliance and even for appliances that you already own. Another option is that while buying an appliance, you may be offered an extended warranty which can be renewed from time to time.

Now the question that arises is what you should opt for; an extended warranty for an appliance or home appliance insurance?

While on the face of it, home appliance insurance plans may be more costly than an extended warranty, but if you analyze, an extended warranty covers only a single appliance while home appliance insurance plans cover multiple appliances. Therefore, in the long run, buying home appliance insurance plans are cheaper than buying separately extended warranties for all different appliances. But in case you do not require a home appliance warranty because most of your appliances are new, then it would be better to just buy an extended warranty for the respective appliance.

So in the end, it all depends on your needs. Know your requirements before buying either of the two.


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