Top Three Roth IRA Companies

Retirement is one of the ages we necessarily need to plan for ourselves and make sure that our needs and requirements would be provided for. For the same purpose, it is important to save up right from early ages and just a conventional way of storing money in a locker doesn’t work anymore. That is where the various retirement places come in. Along with the different types of retirement, there are also different companies offering these retirement plans with varied charges. Make it a point to look for options that would suit your needs and requirements, be it with IRA, IRA rollover. Take all the factors like IRA rates, 401k fees, interest rates for IRA rollover, Roth SEP IRA. Also, make sure to clarify personal doubts and questions like ‘should I rollover 401k to IRA’, what would the new IRA rates be and only then make a choice as it is ultimately going to cater your needs. Here are some of the companies providing the best Roth IRA plans:

  • TD Ameritrade: This company is tailor-made for retirement investors. They provide their customers with a large suite of tools and resources for retirement planning along with a very impressive no-transaction-fee and commission-free fund selections. The trade commission charged by the company is $6.95 and it requires absolutely no account minimum to be maintained by the customers.
  • Charles Schwab: This company’s qualities are quite similar to those of TD Ameritrade in the selection of tools they provide for their customers and are also one of the first choices of retirement investors. The trade commission, $4.95 charged by this company is comparatively lower than that of TD Ameritrade however, it loses the edge very slightly as it requires its customers to maintain an account minimum of $1,000.
  • Merrill Edge: This company charges a trade commission similar to that of TD Ameritrade, which is $6.95 and also doesn’t require its customers to be maintaining absolutely any account minimum. Their customer service is top notch and the number of physical branches brings convenience for the customers.

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